software engineer
since '05
I am a software engineer living in Oakland, CA, specializing in microservices architectures, Ruby, Go, JavaScript. I also dabble in C/C++, electronics, internet-of-things, and 3D printing. This is my website and blog where I write about technology, culture, Bay Area stuff, beekeeping, beer brewing, meadery, cidery, anythingery.


In addition to building software, I love building actual physical things! I have dabbled in electronics since middle school and continue to hack on robotics projects like 3D printers and automated farming systems. This collection of build diaries and postmortems are meant to help others make different mistakes than I do.

Let’s get hacking!

  • Swamp Thing, my somewhat desperate and quixotic attempt at making a super cheap and efficient swamp cooler.
  • Hydrobot, a pH-adjusting hydroponics robot.

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