On Leonard Nimoy's Passing

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I felt pretty emotional about Leonard Nimoy passing away yesterday, so I didn’t really want to write about it then, but I will briefly now. Obviously I’ve never really considered myself a “trekkie” but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the original series of Star Trek. One of the lessons I learned from watching the show as a kid was that the future would be a very pluralistic, diverse place. In a way, Nimoy’s performance as Spock reassured me as a child, that if a half-vulcan man can work hand in hand, even under pressure in extremely dire situations, with humans, there is simply no reason why humans of different races or cultures or backgrounds can’t cooperate in the same fashion. It was an important lesson. I also have fond memories watching In Search Of on the sci-fi channel late at night when I couldn’t sleep in high school.

He will definitely be missed, and his work touched millions of people.

Safe travels, friend.