Technical Difficulties

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My main workhorse laptop died on me somewhat without warning this week, with what appears to be a hard drive controller failure. I’ve been trying a few last-ditch things to try to save her or at least let her limp along while I get another system spun up to replace her in the meantime, but she’s toast. I’m pretty sad over it. I’ve only had that laptop, affectionately named Lola, for a year. Good thing I got an extended warranty though. Bad thing that it’ll take a week to get her back from Apple.

What’s really terrible is that, with that pillar of my home/work IT infrastructure gone, I realized that the other pillars were there mostly for show. My main desktop system (affectionately named Beignet) and my tiny little Asus Eee PC laptop (affectionately named Elvira) were both basically working machines, but neither one of them was really up to the task of being an everyday computer for me. So, the moment I leaned on them, they stopped working. So now I’m without a fully working setup. I’m writing this SSH’d in to my Villainous server in the cloud, from my desktop system, booted off of a thumb drive. Bootloader stopped working spontaneously.

I think I’m gonna lose my fucking mind, space cadets…. Stay tuned.