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I saw Kraftwerk tonight at the Riviera, “An Evening with Kraftwerk”, with 3D visuals, amazing acoustics, and a performance so amazing I really cannot put it to words. Any description I give you isn’t going to match up to the real thing at all, so I won’t attempt description here. If you have any opportunity to see them on their current tour, do it. It is worth your time and money, for sure.

One thing that really pissed me off was how many folks were taking photos and little stupid 11 second videos on their phones rather than watching the concert. What are you doing? Tweeting, “OMG Kraftwork so amazeballz with u were all here!” to your 30 followers with a blurry shitty video with clipped audio? I cannot stress this enough: the visuals were 3D in the way that an IMAX movie is 3D, with the video polarized for left and right eye. So it didn’t look like anything without glasses on. It’s not gonna look good at all on your smartphone, you’re never gonna watch that shit, nobody’s gonna want to watch 11 seconds of a 2+ hour Kraftwerk performance.

I didn’t let it ruin my concert experience, which was beyond incredible, but it was so obnoxious I’d feel remiss if I omitted it here.

Is this how concerts are going to be now? Is there no relief in this decaying republic from the rampant jackassery of the youth with their Facebook and their smartphones? Ugh. Hey space cadets, stay the hell off my lawn.