Jan Brewer Finally Vetoes Atrocious Gay Segregation Law

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So apparently, after days of hemming and hawing and her office insisting that no she absolutely had not formed an opinion on Arizona’s shameful “separate but equal” anti-gay law, Jan Brewer fucking finally vetoed this abomination of hatred and fear and every other of humanity’s most base and vile emotions that they call SB 1062. Good on her for (eventually, after many days of her constituents and every other kind of compassionate, rational person screaming at her to do so) doing the right thing. It certainly took her long enough, so I don’t call what she’s done—by which I mean agreeing with significant majorities of her own constituents and also even members of her own party and vetoing this unconstitutional unreconstructed shit-stain of a bill—a brave thing. The only thing brave about it is that some time really very soon she will be assaulted from her right flank by the very people who supported her all these years, the GOP’s fever-swamp dumb-fuck base for whom no amount of tolerance for gay peoples’ very existence is acceptable. She’s shown herself to be one tough cookie when she wants to be, but she is a coward for not standing up the instant this bill passed and shouting loud and clear for everyone that Arizona does not countenance hatred and will not enshrine bigotry and hatred in their laws. Instead she seems to have waffled for literally as long as she could reasonably, then begrudgingly decided to nix the bill. Good on her, just the same. The result is the right result, even if the method was as callow as it was gutless.

I have a message for all those governors, senators, house representatives, statesmen and stateswomen of all tiers, all pedigrees, and all statures and constituencies: think about George Wallace, Alabama’s 45th governor. Does the name sound familiar to you? What is it you remember him for? Yes, that’s right, for personally standing in the doorway of the University of Alabama in a vain attempt to prevent black students from attending class there. I am sure that somewhere deep within the large swaths of America where I refuse to stop except for gas or to piss when I’m driving through, George Wallace is a hero, but to the rest of us we remember him largely as a big stinking pile of shit who said…

In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. (source: Wikipedia).

My message is this: if and when you find yourself in a similar position to Gov. Jan Brewer, take a moment and consider if you want to be remembered in history books as a public servant or as a big stinking pile of shit. I sincerely hope it is an easier decision for you to make than it appears to have been for Gov. Brewer.

Be nice to each other out there, space cadets; no matter our differences we are always bound together by our common humanity.