Xmas Thoughts and Notions

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Being a formerly-Jewish atheist, it’s not like Xmas is an especially important holiday on my calendar these days. I still have good Xmas memories I like to think over, and still like to do Xmassy things, but probably not the same ones your family does.

My family is dispersed pretty badly all over the world. My sister right now is in England with her in-laws, my mom is at her home in Philadelphia, and I’m here in Chicago with my two wonderfully adorable cats. We’ve kind of always been dispersed though ever since my sister and I left home for school, so it’s been really rare since then that we spend any holidays together, or even that my sister, mother, and I hang out together in person. I miss that family time a lot around the holidays, but this year it just didn’t quite work out that I’d get to see them, and that’s alright. Normally my tradition is to go down to Chinatown for dim sum, but nobody that I would normally get dim sum with is in town, so I decided I’d just make myself a really baller American-style eggs breakfast instead.

Using my new (and extraordinarily awesome) cast iron skillet, I pan-fried some ridiculously good home fries (using the technique described in Chris Onstad’s very excellent Recipes for a Lady or a Man; The Achewood Cookbook, which I highly recommend), soft-scrambled three eggs with some very sharp cheddar cheese, and baked some really solid bacon. If you’re not baking your bacon in an oven to cook it, I’m sorry to say that you are definitely doing it wrong. Go educate yourself on that immediately; I’ll wait here. There is really no better breakfast than one you make yourself. I brewed about half a pot of coffee in my stove-top coffee siphon, and overall I would rate that breakfast a 7 out of 10. Some really fresh sourdough (from yesterday), toasted, rounded out the breakfast just about right. Normally I prefer rye toast but sourdough is what I had so that’s what I toasted.

Continuing my usual Xmas traditions, I’m going to spend the day playing with my cats and watching Die Hard, the best Xmas movie ever (think about it). I hope you all have an excellent day, space cadets, however you’re choosing to spend it.