Finally Framed Some Posters I Had

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So, as y'all know, I am the worst at getting random hard-to-prioritize things done, like, say, framing pictures. A super awesome frame shop opened near me last year, where they make frames out of reclaimed wood. So, I took my big poster of “The Communist Party” and my dad’s old “No Bozos!” poster from his office, and got them framed! Follow me below the fold for photos.

No bozos!

For as far back as I can remember until shortly before his death, my father kept this post proclaiming his disinterest in bozos hung in his office, at every university he taught at. After 30 years in my dad’s not-so-great DIY framing job, I decided it was time to invest in a really nice frame for this guy, ‘cause it’s also pretty important to me that no bozos enter my office, or if they do, that their visit is very brief indeed. They are not allowed.

A Communist Party

I have this Threadless shirt and I am a huge fan of this illustration. A friend of mine bought a print of it for me years ago and I only just now finally got around to getting it framed (sorry!). The print is very high-quality and looks great in the reclaimed wood frame.

That’s all, space cadets. I just wanted to share. Now if y'all will excuse me I’ve got a flight to catch over here.