What Really Is Unreasonable

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I just need to get this quick political note out there, since we have only hours before our economy gets sent into a completely unnecessary tailspin because of a crisis manufactured by tantrum-throwing Republican children in the House of Representatives. I was just watching a video from Meet the Press where Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) says he doesn't think it's unreasonable to ask for a delay in the Affordable Care Act's implementation for a year in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

Let me just say, unambiguously, right the hell now: demandingĀ anything in exchange for the ordinary process of doing your fucking job is unreasonable. It is unreasonable to "govern" this country by crisis. It's unreasonable that Congress has not passed anything more complicated than re-naming post offices since 2011. It's unreasonable that Congress shot our economy in the foot with the Sequester. It's unreasonable that here we are three years after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, voted in by both chambers of Congress, signed by the President, after it survived a challenge in the Supreme Court. Suddenly, we have Raul Labrador trying to tell us it's not "unreasonable" to try to circumvent the entirety of our Constitutional system of government just because Republicans get butt-hurt whenever poor people get support they need from the government? Let's not forget: Republicans are doing this to prevent millions of people from getting health insurance. Really think about that. Republicans have voted over 40 times, and are taking us to the very brink of total global economic calamity, and comparing us to Nazi appeasers ahead of World War II, to prevent working families whose incomes lie slightly above our abysmally low poverty line from getting healthcare that they need in order to stay alive and keep contributing to our economy. Really sit and think about that, and recognize that the unreason in this argument lies solely on the Republican side of the aisle. There is nothing unreasonable at all about literally everyone but the most extreme of extreme factions within the GOP demanding that they do their job and keep the lights on at the federal government.

If you want your way in government, then fucking win some elections. If you don't, thenĀ tough cookies, assholes. That is all, space cadets; enjoy your day.