The Motorcycle Saga: Part IX

- -

It's done. I did it. I got this motorcycle, this heap of junk, this forgotten relic discovered in a barn after decades of inactivity—I got it running. It's actually running super well, too. It starts from the first kick, immediately, then idles quietly at 900rpm exactly.To get it running, I just needed to take the carburetors off and adjust them more carefully than before. Before, I was just reassembling them and not really realizing that the things I was putting back together were adjustable and needed to be adjusted every time you take apart the carburetors. After realizing that, I pulled the carburetor assembly yesterday, then spent most of this afternoon adjusting the various pieces of it to be in sync with each other, or at least close enough to work for now until I can get some more precise tools for tuning the carburetors more exactingly. And it works. She starts up immediately and idles happily, ready to ride, ready to take on the world after her decades-long slumber. I hope this is just the first of many adventures we share together.

Until next time, space cadets.