The Motorcycle Saga: Part IV

- -

Got a moment to work on the bike earlier. Leila and I put fresh spark plugs and oil into the bike, then after a break for dinner were too tired to finish the job of gapping said sparkplugs and doing some other tune-upy stuff like adjusting all the valve clearances and double-checking that all the spark plugs are holding a spark and all the cylinders are getting fuel. The engine's compression feels pretty good to me, so that's good. When we get a longer amount of time to work on it again we'll check the wet and dry compression with a gauge and adjust all those things. Before we bother fixing the carburettors which I'm 90% sure are the reason the bike's not starting (I'm guessing at least two with clogged jets from the bike sitting for so long—the gasoline we removed from it was just goddamn filthy and there's no nice way of saying that), we should make sure the engine's kosher.

I have the expected values for compression and idle speed and all, so if the results we get aren't right, particularly if one cylinder or a couple have super-low compression, it's not a great sign. The most likely outcome will be a rebuild of at least that cylinder, replacing any broken piston rings and possibly contending with faulty valves. Neither is an especially great outcome because either will require the services of a skilled machinist to fix. I'm trying not to think about that, but if I'm completely honest with all the stress I've been dealing with lately an engine rebuild would be strangely relaxing for me. Still trying not to think about it though. Nope. Not thinking about having to rebuild that engine.

I am, however, thinking that a few hours with the carburettors on my workbench with all of my most adorably small wrenches sounds like a pretty good time, so I'm looking forward to that. That's definitely looking like it'll be necessary to get the bike running, too. Hopefully I'll see y'all out on the road soon, space cadets.