The Motorcycle Saga: Part I

- -

A while back, Leila was telling me that she'd like to learn how to work on cars and motorcycles, and later she told me she was kinda thinking of learning how to ride. So, I bought her a 1972 Honda CB350 Four.

I'd been searching for a few weeks to find just the perfect bike for her. I wanted something as small or smaller than my first bike, a 1986 Honda CB450SC (Nighthawk), something inexpensive (read: not in very good shape), something where the engine might not necessarily be running but was in salvageable condition (i.e., the engine should turn when the starter motor or a kick-start is engaged). I found a guy up just past the Wisconsin border who was unloading one, so paid him a visit with Leila. She wanted to see the bike in person to be fully convinced it wasn't a big scary bike she would never tame. Being a 350, it was perfectly Leila-sized and she fell in love with it pretty immediately. So I came back up a week later and picked it up.

Getting it home was a bit of a debacle. After strapping it down in a big 15-passenger van I rented (don't ask), I got it home and had one of the neighbourhood kids help me get it out of the van. And then, for the first time in my life, I saw a most amazing, beautiful sight: two bikes, side by side, in my garage. Admittedly, one of them (my '96 CB750) was in much better shape than the other, but I felt pretty confident I could get the little one running soon enough. See y'all out on the road soon, space cadets.