Initial Experiments With the iPad.

- -

I bought an iPad the other night because, lately, I've been having a lot of ideas for web applications or games or things that either require multitouch or make the most sense when thought of as multitouch applications. I've spent a lot of today playing around with the new Javascript multitouch events, and already I have some results to show off.

Okay. Quite aside here about the iPad: I really do not like it, for a wide variety of reasons, and I really do not like the restrictions that Apple has put on it. Chief among my complaints: there is no SD card slot, even though the iPad just seems like exactly the kind of device that would benefit most from an SD card slot;  there is no USB port, even though it would be really great to be able to hook basically anything up to it at all; and finally there is no access to the filesystem on the iPad, either from the device itself or from a connected PC, which is a huge disadvantage. The highest-end ones have 64GiB of onboard storage, but how do you possibly hope to fill it—at least immediately? It seems like a waste of what would otherwise be an oversized but useful external hard drive kind of situation. No multitasking, also, is a huge annoyance. There are push notifications, but answering one means abandoning whatever you were doing because not even the states of recently-used applications are kept in memory—a very simple temporary fix that would be far easier to implement for Apple than full true multitasking. Multitasking is coming soon, they say, but their definition of multitasking appears to differ significantly from mine. Anyways, enough about how much the iPad sucks.

One thing it does very well is multitouch input, which I have now been able to do for the first time using Javascript. I've written a small demo that will draw a square around anything touching the screen. Try swiping around with multiple fingertips at once. It's pretty neat. For those of y'all who don't have an iPad, I also uploaded a video, which has Michael Jackson in the background because I didn't realize my phone was also recording sound at the same time it was recording video. Perhaps you would like to watch it....

That's all I've got so far. Expect more interesting stuff to come out of Villainous Industries comin' up here, space cadets.