We're Almost Back Over Here.

- -

Really. I promise. Almost back.

I changed up my hosting recently, so all my IP addresses, DNS entries, blogs, and apps and everything are everywhere and in retrospect maybe I could've planned this a little better. What's done is done though and this blog is now hosted by Dreamhost. For the record, I'm still a huge fan of Slicehost and the next time I have a high-volume site that requires a somewhat exotic setup and high scalability, I'll probably return there. For the moment though my needs are a little different so I'm hosting my blogs and some web apps here, with my more experimental (read: half-baked) ideas probably scattered around Heroku.

Don't worry about the old blog entries. They're still around but they won't show up here for a little while. Expect an update when they do. Later, space cadets!