New Motorcycle.

- -

The weather turned springy a couple of weeks ago and now that I have a garage, it's hard to find a good excuse not to own a motorcycle. In Santa Cruz I had Sofia Ida Mae Steel, a gorgeous 1986 Honda CB450SC. Now, as of this afternoon, I am the proud new owner of a 1995 Honda CB750, basically the same bike but with a bigger engine. I just got back from driving it from its previous owner's house in Hyde Park to here and I've gotta say I don't wanna dodge that many potholes ever again my life, but that was a pretty smooth ride. The bike growled when I pulled at the throttle, purred and made little Honda whirring noises when I didn't. This is all just fine. Here's a photo:

[caption id="attachment_339" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="The aforementioned bike, parked outside my apartment."][motorcycle][/caption]

Now I just need to figure out how I'm gonna get back down to Hyde Park to retrieve my car.... Anyone feel like giving me a ride? Anyone? Pfeh. Whatever, space cadets.