Chatterböxen Updates, Part the Second

- -

Okay so as of now I feel like I'm mostly done. I wanna deploy it to the staging area on and do some live testing with real users, but really it's very solid right now and works really well.

So let's recap here.... The new Chatterboxen works great in Chrome and Firefox. I haven't tried it in other browsers myself, and I haven't tried it anywhere where Flash is disabled. That'll be what I'm up to the next few hours. Right now, though, Chatterboxen passes all its test cases and works with all the use cases I've worked out thus far. Today I fixed the bug where it would only display the first ten chats in a room... no matter how many things had been said in that room since the tenth message. I also have squashed the Safari/Webkit/Chrome display issue that happened whenever you were in a room long enough for ten things to be said (the chats would change position and be displayed too far down on the page, leading to unnecessary scrolling).

Still to come are just the little polishings you expect to be there if something goes wrong (spoiler alert: something will). When your browser fails to open a WebSocket to my server, right now, nothing happens to warn you that that's what happened or to indicate to you what you should do (spoiler alert: reloading the page fixes like 99% of the crap that can go wrong with Chatterboxen). Still, it's better than before when the whole thing would stop working if any of the AJAX requests took too long to come back.

Things are shaping up really nicely over here, is what I'm saying. Stay tuned for more, space cadets.