Exploring the New 'Hood.

- -

Today I decided to drive down to Humboldt Park, park in front of the apartment I'm about to move into at the end of this month, and just walk around for a few hours. Right off, I walked around to the park itself and saw the lagoon is frozen over so thick that there are bicycle tracks leading directly across it. Canadian geese were resting on the surface of the ice, and though my presence clearly alarmed them I managed to get a few photos shot. I'll have those on my flickr soon enough. As long as I've lived in Chicago, and as much as even when I moved here snow wasn't a novel thing to me, sometimes it just seems so magical how an idyllic park can be transformed with a foot or so of snow into this lunar landscape. So beautiful.

In other news, I met one of my neighbours who lives in the house next-door to the one I'm moving into. Apparently the last occupant of my apartment was a drug dealer, and my neighbour had a pretty amusing story about how some crackhead was in the backyard yelling at him and throwing bricks at 4am. I assured him that, though I am often still awake that late, I won't cause any of that sort of ruckus if I can help it. To be fair, though, it was the woman making the ruckus, but that's beside the point. I guess that's why my new apartment is vacant right now.

After getting the skinny on which are the better bars in this neighbourhood, I set out to find the nearest café. I've settled in at Knockbox Café, which seems pretty reputable. When I walked in here there was a clutch of hipsters playing Scrabble and arguing about why "QUA" is a word but "QUO" is not, and some old jazz music was playing. I can see myself hanging out here a lot more in the near future. Free refills and free Wifi, neither of which are things my usual haunt of Metropolis Coffee Co can boast. Nice. I think this is gonna work out just fine, space cadets. Just fine.