Arrival in Saint Louis.

- -

I wasn't going to go to Saint Louis for xmas but then the weather cleared up a little and I saw a chance to, one day earlier than anticipated. Fortunately, my new camera lens I ordered online also showed up super-early, so I was able to snag that before leaving. Got a chance to try it out earlier:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Three-exposure HDR of Washington St at night."]Three-exposure HDR of Washington St at night.[/caption]

I am definitely pleased. It's barely describable what a huge upgrade this is from the craptastic 17-55mm that came with my camera. Even in the corners the Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM is super sharp, and the f/1.4 aperture is a massive upgrade from the f/5.6 of the 17-55mm. It's smaller, too. I was so pumped I just had to do the obligatory HDR showoff photo.

Anyways, I brought Jinxii with me to Saint Louis, 'cause my mom bothered to formally invite her (seriously, she did; my mom's a fabulous lady). Jinxii was super well behaved the whole trip, spending most of it curled up in the passenger seat, fast asleep. She'd wake up every once in a while, lean back so she was staring at me upside-down, and give me a look like she was thinking, "Are we there yet?" For taking her back and forth short distances she's fine in the cat carrier, but for longer trips she can behave herself a lot better if she's got space to explore and things to do (which thankfully doesn't usually include bugging me while I'm driving). Also, as I discovered today, she also uses her litter box on the road, which I think is just awesome.

Got to Saint Louis pretty late. My mom's a good sport so she stayed up a little and insisted on making me a grilled cheese sammich. I was beat and in retrospect really should've hit up the Waffle House in Collinsville or wherever the hell that exit is on my way in. I thought about it, but passed it up. Oh well. On the way back—that's what I always say. Mom and I didn't consciously introduce Jinxii and her cat, Chloé, but they found each other and Chloé immediately started hissing at Jinxii, who seemed baffled by Chloé's behaviour. We brought Jinxii into the living room with us so we could keep an eye on the proceedings. Chloé set up on top of the dining room table and didn't move a single muscle, except to growl or hiss, and Jinxii, oblivious to Chloé's bellicose attitude, started to play with one of Chloé's toys.

Cat owners out there, I don't need to tell you that at this point it was on. For real. Chloé straight up decked Jinxii, who scampered under the couch. I tried to intervene and got an armful of razor-sharp kitty claws for my trouble. I separated them, putting Jinxii in the guest room, trying to make it clear to her that it wasn't for a punishment and she didn't do anything wrong. Chloé didn't either, for the record. They're just cats.

So now Jinxii's super affectionate because I totally saved her ass from the Chloé monster, and Chloé thinks I'm evil incarnate. Nice. I seem to recall Chloé behaving similarly to my last cat....

Alright it's 4am on xmas morning. I'm gonna sleep it off, space cadets; talk at y'all later.