Biscuit Upgrade Part II

- -

Got a new case and power supply for Biscuit. The case is a fancy looking black steel case with room for 8 hard drives, the power supply is a 750-watt beast with a formidable looking fan on the top of it. I came home, got the case and the motherboard/cpu assembled together, then installed the optical drive and the hard drives... and realized I had the wrong kind of RAM. I had tried to move the RAM from Biscuit's existing rig to the new one and it wasn't meant to be. Sooooooo I'll be making another trip to Fry's tomorrow, this time to pick up the 8GiB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM I just ordered (4 x 2GiB modules). By the end of this ordeal, Biscuit will be a hugely more powerful system, though, so that's good. *sigh* I will be much happier with this once I get it all running again. For now my apartment's surprisingly boring without Biscuit being live.

More updates tomorrow. G'night, space cadets.