The Decision to Flee Came Suddenly....

- -

I've installed this new blog on my main server because I've been frustrated at the lack of flexibility with my blogger blog. Blogger's been very good to me these past few years but it was time to move on and have a grown up blog.

I'm planning on posting photos on this blog and telling stories of my various adventures. Hopefully by moving to the WordPress platform I can integrate all my other sites into this one, displaying photos from Flickr, content from Twitter, and other sources to make this site the location to contact me or see what I'm up to. Also—I mean, let's be honest here—Blogger's editing interface was pretty tired. I'm already feeling pretty good about this and how absurdly easy it was to hook up. I'd hunkered down to spend an evening setting up a WordPress blog using FastCGI and Nginx, and getting it to play nice with my Ruby on Rails and Sinatra environments. Turned out to be a cinch using a howto on Super great.

Alright space cadets, I'm gonna tinker with this some more.