Ennui and the Struggle to Get Things Done

- -

Feelin' kinda strange lately. It's a combination of different factors that have been in play for a long time now I guess. I have this terrible habit of beginning projects and not finishing them. Frankly, I'm a little tired of it. This year I've been really trying to wrap all these projects up in a hurry. Since I've got some free time now (thankfully!), I've been doing some work on them.

Stay tuned for a new and innovative way of finding respectable chinese food restaurants, a superbly useful way of designing and sharing programs that recognize patterns in input (regular expressions, parser grammars, etc.) as well as a way of exploring different flavours of programming, and a multitude of ways to show the world your more Villainous‚Ñ¢ side. In addition, I've resolved to begin writing again, which includes this and other blogs, as well as the possibility of a screenplay with one of my coworkers. I hereby declare this the Summer of Max.

The house hunt continues unabated. Well, maybe a little abated. I've been lazy about it because it's just so difficult. It seems so adult! I turn 25 this summer and by that time I will own my own home, be it a condo or a loft or some kind of bizarre industrial space. That last one has proven to be incredibly elusive but hopefully I can track one down. Another option is to just settle for a nice condo somewhere and then constantly be on the lookout for the perfect space. I really just need a place with a lot of room to spread out and compartmentalize my space the way that feels most natural to me. I keep going over in my head all these things about my current apartment that I don't like and how I could fix them in the next. It's a good exercise but it's setting me up for disappointment pretty much everywhere. The cheap places are all separated into rooms in a way that makes little sense to me and I know would end up annoying me. I don't want a place that's cute with little nick-nacks on neat shelves. I want a place with exposed brick and ductwork that I can hang stuff off if I want to. I want high ceilings and big windows. I don't know how easily that's going to happen but here's hoping.

And hey. Maybe I'll have an apartment situation I won't feel ashamed having people over to. We'll just see, space cadets. Later on.