Ridin' the Fave Wave

- -

Hi there space cadets! It's a beautiful new season here in Chicago and it's a brand new Fave website, too. The new design and new data set are both online right now. The new design is thanks to Steven Weber, one of our video folks, with the assistance of extensive cajoling, ridicule, and mostly constructive criticism from me. Site front-end development from me, and our shiny new indexing engine and extensive site optimizations thanks to the tireless efforts of our very own Sanjay Kapoor.
I've gotta say. I feel really excited about the new look, because the old one was... well... not so great. Now we have a professional—albeit corporate-looking—site that we can show the world, and hopefully in the process get funding and parties and all kinds of fun stuff! Startup life, y'all!
I will continue to deliver updates via this blog and via Twitter whenever anything cool happens. I think now is the time to temporarily become Irish for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Ciao, space cadets.