Upgrading the Server

- -

Went on the dorkiest date EVER with Leila on Friday night. We went to Fry's and bought hard drives. Apparently she'd been shafted at the Tiger Direct outlet the other day when they didn't even provide cables to connect the drive (!!!). So lame. Anyways Leila bought a PCI SATA interface just in case her motherboard didn't have one (turns out it did, so now we've got a spare) and some cables—which were UV sensitive, rice rocket style. Truly a classy move. Of course I shouldn't talk: the big fat linux server at Fave, Darling, totally has neon and a window (even though it's not being used for anything right now; ugh too many servers!).

So Biscuit's got a new half-terabyte drive in her and that'll be the new /home partition just as soon as I can copy over the HUGE amounts of data that resided in /home before. I'll have room for a separate /tmp partition now, which should be handy. The old drive will be used solely for system files and will, aside from the /tmp partition, be pretty closed off to normal users. So, for my users, this will result in a better, more secure Biscuit. Soon as I can afford it there'll be a RAID. I've got room for two more drives in there, so getting two more 500GiB or 750GiB drives is not totally out of the question. We'll see.

On a somewhat unrelated note, has anyone else seen these commercials where a burly lumberjack looking dude interrupts couples in their most romantic moments to tell them to put their gear to good use in Ontario, Canada? It just seems so rude! Also, why does the guy not say "Put your gear to good use in Ontario, eh?" He just doesn't seem Canadian enough....

Also, who has any good ideas about how to make Biscuit an easier tool to use for Windows users? I'm all out of ideas now that I know it'll be decades before anyone ports FUSE to Windows. SFTP seems too hard for people since it's a pretty ghetto enterprise in Windows.