Typopolis Coming Into Its Own

- -

Well that special date has almost arrived, people! Typopolis is live and crazy and nearly bug-free (nearly). Tom Gillis, Timmi Oyen, and I have been working tirelessly these past months to make it happen and our hard work is nearly ready to pay off. There's a launch party tomorrow night and then one week hence. Those in Chicago wishing to be invited are free to plead with me but the guest lists are already pretty much nailed down.

For those who haven't heard, Typopolis is a new social networking website where users can share their book interests and also have in-depth conversations with other users about books, about reading, about life. It picks up where other social networks have left off by offering the tools for users to not just review books, but to discuss specific passages and collectively analyze these for academic reasons or just for fun. You can establish online book groups or fly solo, and you can even meet people in your area who like the same books as you.

As we approach the launch party season for us, I'm excited to say that the site is live and ready to upgrade from "alpha" to "beta" release. Very exciting! We've been working on this thing for nearly a year on a shoestring budget, and it's up there for everyone to see.

So! If you want to be invited, email me and I'll pass you one of my many invitation codes.¬â€Â