What Does Your Brain Look Like

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Tess and I agree to swap minds for a day sometime whenever that's possible. I don't think she knows what she's getting into. This place is like the Thunderdome, 'cept two men enter and then no one leaves for like a week.

max thom stahl
1:30 hahahaha
1:30 what is your mind like.
1:31 If it were a house or a building, what would it be like inside?

1:31 organized and pretty
1:31 everything matches
1:31 and lots of chandeliers

max thom stahl
1:31 oh hehehe
1:32 Mine would be like a jungle with a bunch of ziplines between trees, and hookers, and blackjack, and chalkboards everywhere with all kinds of math notation written in bad handwriting all over them.
1:32 And lots of chandeliers.