Max's Magical Fung Wah Adventure

- -

After a much needed mini-vacation in central Mass., I decided that my preferred way to get to NYC for this business trip was the illustrious (and infamous) Fung Wah bus. I have ridden the Fung Wah once before, and it was an interesting journey. This time wasn't nearly as shady (I didn't have to buy my ticket from a guy in the back of a bakery in Chinatown) but had almost all the required elements. In particular, there's the fact that my "ticket" was a hand-written card that I'd signed:
Amazing, right? So I got on the bus and actually, it wasn't that bad. I even made a friend along the way. Now, being in Brooklyn with all the rain and negative feelings I have about this place, it's really hard not to think that I'd really like to be back where I just was, or Chicago, or somewhere completely different. I just don't know. I bought a nice army surplus jacket, and that'll help with the rain and cold... but that's really just removing the cause but not the symptom. Think what I really need to do is just go for a while.

*sigh* I'm gonna go back to maintaining. See you later, space cadets.