The Whole World's Against Me

- -

Ok. So. Here's the deal.

Last night my macbookpro's power cable finally expired in a cloud of smoke. It had been just barely hanging on for a couple of weeks and it finally died on me, melting itself in the process. I went to the Apple store today to try to get a new one, but Emily loaned me her power cable for a couple of hours so I could hang out at a coffee shop while she took her dog to an acupuncture appointment. The café had no internet access, or it was at least very intermittent, so I couldn't get any work done really there. Then, we went to the Apple store, and they wouldn't replace it for free, so I had to pay for one. But then they didn't have any in stock anyway, so I went home. Then I looked online at Apple's website and saw they take 3-4 weeks to ship. I needed this thing yesterday so I nixed that. Looking around three or four other retailers yielded ship times of between 1 and 4 weeks if they even carried the power adapter. So, I went to eBay. I got a used power adapter for about the same price (with shipping) as a new one, and it's likely to have the same problems as my old one.

So, I've been using my powerbook g4, but it's lacking all the software I need to get anything done and the operating system is so old I can't even install the software I need (Adium, for one, requires at least Mac OS 10.3.9). So I resolved to download linux for it. Gentoo installation was far too much of a pain (before anyone accuses me of not being hardcore enough, I did try, and I run Gentoo on two other systems). Ubuntu is available for powerpc systems, but not the newest version. I looked through all my CDs and couldn't find a copy of Ubuntu Edgy Eft for powerpc. So I have to download one. It's been going for four hours and it's still not downloaded.

Without a system loaded with the right software to work, I can't do my freelance illustrations for Liz, can't do any work on beyondscreens*, can't do any work on Typopolis, can't do anything. It's really, really, really shitty over here. *sigh*

I swear... the whole fucking world's against me these days.... Pray for my sanity, space cadets.