128 Bits of FURY

- -

Ok so I don't know who's been paying attention, but there was an incredible hullaballoo a while back when the MPAA attempted to squelch the release of an AACS key that someone discovered.

Anyone familiar with this blog (or, indeed, with information theory or cryptography) will know already my stance on digital rights management of any kind. I'm not a huge fan. Trying to hold back the publishing of a number though . . . come on!

So I found a service where you can generate your own, and then use it to encrypt a copyrighted haiku. Once that's been done, because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, that number is now an illegal circumvention tool (just like the aforementioned number for AACS!). So, my number is 7D BC 54 0B 36 C5 AF 0D 6E 97 0E EE 4F 49 CE 58. Don't anybody use it!

More info on Freedom to Tinker.