The Olympiad of Misguided Geeks, or, One More Reason I'm Going Straight to Hell

- -

Most hilarious programming competition ever, The Olympiad of Misguided Geeks. The whole point is to produce the most interesting "WTF" program.

For those of you just joining us, a "WTF" is a program or information technology system (this includes security policies) that has one of the following qualities:
  • Totally unreadable or otherwise unmaintainable code. This is sometimes called the "job security" programming paradigm.
  • Attrocious over-engineering that implies a novice understanding or unwillingness to use readily available library functions.
  • Lack of documentation or, just as bad, excessive documentation. Also, horrible user interface.
  • Convolution, metasolutions, failed attempts at cleverness.
  • Security by obscurity or use of the Ostrich Algorithm.
I don't know how Thom and I are going to do it, but we, two college-educated professionals, have to create a working program so amateur that we're both going straight to hell for it. I can't give any details here, but so far our program leaks memory like a sieve, overly complicates operations so simple as adding two numbers, and throws a segmentation fault every once in a while just for good measure. Oh yeah and so far it doesn't work. We'll have to fix that.

More updates later, space cadets.