Crazy Dreams

- -

oh god I had the most bizarre dream last night!

I was some kind of rogue secret agent of some sort, or maybe a mercenary of some sort. Something. I was walking through the city at night, and I think people were chasing after me or something, because I had all these weird capsules in a special briefcase on me and some weird equipment. It started to rain and right afterwards thousands of mushrooms started to come up, then they got larger and there were two kinds. Once the mushrooms had grown to a certain size, I sat down among a group of them and I opened my case and took out a syringe and one of the capsules, which was just a cylinder with clear tubes suspended in a fluid, and the whole thing was wrapped in a porous material that I guess was impermeable to the substance in the cylinder. Anyways I went through this process where I'd take one of the large flat mushrooms growing out of the ground vertically (they reminded me of . . . I can't remember the species name but I remember this whole thing so vividly I could look them up; they looked like sea fans but in mushroom form). I'd take one of those and I'd place it on top of one of the large toadstool-style mushrooms and I'd inject some of the liquid in the tiny tubes inside the cylinder into both of them, but through the same hole. Some kind of weird biochemical process would happen and then these little spores would come out, and turn into these little creatures that were like banana slugs but much thicker and they could move much faster. I had control over them and I'd send them behind me to slow down whoever it was that was chasing me. It was kinda crazy, 'cause I controlled them using voice commands and a playstation 2 controller.

Eventually I got to this bridge and I had like a billion of those things trailing behind me, following me 'cause I guess they'd dispatched with whoever was after me, and there was another agent on the other side of the bridge. We had this weird showdown situation going on, and I don't really know what was up with it because I woke up around this point in the dream.

Just lately I've started dreaming again, which is a pretty good feeling for me because I stopped for a long long time. I just kinda wish my dreams could be less bizarre from time to time....