AR Season, Day 3: Snowed Out

- -

Well, space cadets, it’s that time of year once again. Time, that is, for online annual reports. Pretty much everyone on our client list at VSA has to put out an annual report every year around tax season, and pretty much every one of them wants to have a richly interactive online version up. That’s where I and my esteemed colleagues come in.

So everything’s been going fine. Great, actually. Most of the financial section for this annual report I’m working on presently were finished last night around 7 or so. We only had a handful of pages (about 13) to finish and that whole section would be done. Just when things are going great is when you know that something terrible is right around the corner, though, and just as I was saving my work on one of the pages, the power winked out. So, we developers and designers and project managers and information architects and whowhat sat around for a couple of hours telling bad pirate jokes and doodling things on the whiteboards. At some point in there, the IT folks notified us that the server room had to shut down because it was getting too hot in there.

So, we all started to pack up to go home, ‘cause word on the street was that the power would still be out until at least 5.30 or so. Everyone’s all packed up to go home, and suddenly, just as I was turning around to leave, the power comes back on. After a brief debate about whether it would be prudent to stick around now that the power’s back on, everyone goes home anyway. So that’s why I’m home so early on day 3 of AR season. sigh

Alright. Time to do some snowed-in relaxation. Later, space cadets.