software engineer
since '05
I am a software engineer living in Oakland, CA, specializing in microservices architectures, Ruby, Go, JavaScript. I also dabble in C/C++, electronics, internet-of-things, and 3D printing. This is my website and blog where I write about technology, culture, Bay Area stuff, beekeeping, beer brewing, meadery, cidery, anythingery.

Oh hi there.

This is my website. There are probably a lot of other websites you could probably be looking at them right now, but I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Max Stahl and this is where you can find my resume, job availability, portfolio of software stuff, portfolio of rando stuff, more rando stuff, basically all things me.

I am available for work

You, yes you, could be my next employer or contractee! If that’s interesting to you, go check out my resume and see if I’d be a good match for what you have in mind.

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